Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good bye Youth

Today, I caught a glimpse of our little tribes reflection whilst waiting at a set of traffic lights. And, boy it made me giggle.

Its not often you get to look at your family from the outside in. To see how others might see you and your tribe. 

What do they see, I have often wondered.

"What does Mr BMW fancy-pants see when he peers through my window?" "And tattoo truck man looking down at me...?"

Well, here's what I glimpsed today:

I saw a husband in a cap with his little wife by his side and two kids in the back. 

They were off on a journey in their unremarkable 5 door wagon. The wagon was white with five doors. No tinted windows. No special wheels. There were some nanna armrests for added comfort. And airbags. A lot of airbags, the sticker said so.

A car with not a whole lot of spunk.

To be honest, I never imagined myself driving a wagon. In fact, I would have laughed in your pretty little face if you had of told me 5 years ago that I would be cruising the city streets in the confines of a family wagon. 

But here we are in our safe family wagon. A wagon, which came at a terrible cost. That cost was my rock-popping metallic grey Volkswagen Polo, which had everything. Tinted windows, mag wheels, purple interior dashboard lights and a kicking sound system. 

In the VW, I would close my eyes and imagine myself at the hottest night spot. Tunes pumping. Drink in hand. And some sweaty dance floor moves. It had that affect. It made me feel sexy. 

I loved the VW and together we created oh, so many memories. *Sigh* 

He was my youth.

In all honesty, I knew the time had come to say goodbye to the VW. A baby, a pram and car seat told me that pretty quickly into the parenting gig. We were now more than one. I was no longer on the dance floor. 

But I wasn't ready to say goodbye and one day, one sad day he was taken from us all too quickly in a rather unfortunate incident. Best, I not talk about this. Too sad to share. 

As so on the day of the incident, as I watched his lifeless, crushed shell be hauled away, I shed a tear and whispered:

"Good bye youth!"

Because, with that incident, I yearned for a safe car. One with shit loads of air bags. I wanted a white car. White is safe. Always visible. And space was a must. Space for Baby number two {and three!}. I wanted a family wagon. 

And that is exactly what we got. A safe, reliable family wagon. White with no fancy extras. And I honestly wouldn't change a thing because my family wagon is exactly where I want to be {giggles and all}.

Love Jo xxx

What was your first car love? What's your car story? 
Noah enjoying the family wagon.

The wagon at its finest. Kids ruin cars.