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I often hear people speaking of their hesitation to travel with children. And my question is always, why? Travelling provides an amazing opportunity for your child and your family.

If you love travelling then why should your little one stop you? Let them show you the world through their adventurous and curious eyes. The world viewed through your toddlers eyes is an amazing place. And travel stories always evoke the fondest memories, even if it is about the time you lost your daks in front of a group of monks. Blushing. Hand flapping.


A long time ago, Vietnam stole my heart. From the very first time I stepped out of the steaming airport and into the sea of waiting people, I was captivated by the sights, smells and sounds of the chaotic country.

Vietnam is a country that explodes with culture and for us it was an obvious destination for our first overseas adventure with baby Noah, aged 1.  It is a beautiful country but it is not for the faint hearted. Baby, or no baby, Vietnam promises those who a visit a cultural, physical, and emotional journey. So, without further ado here are my top eight (why eight? I am not sure) travelling tips for Vietnam with baby in tow.

1. People like babies. They like to touch them, pat, kiss, play and hug them. This is something that we learnt to embrace very quickly. And I would suggest all who travel to Vietnam with a child need to be willing to accept. We had many child-free  dinners as Noah was whisked away to the back kitchen by the waiter to meet his mother or aunty. I just carried a huge tub of wipes with me and drank a shit load of wine.

2. You can buy nappies (& all other baby related products) from major supermarkets in the major cities. People planning a trip to Vietnam often ask me this question. However, I would recommend you take your own sealed formula. However, do not let ze formula spill in your bag. It has an uncanny similarity to a certain 'white' illegal substance. And thats not a good ending in any Asian country.

3. Nothing can or will prepare you for the traffic in Vietnam. It really is quite hectic and operates on the "biggest object has right of way". Therefore, as a pedestrian you have the least right of way, unless you are the size of the local bus. The best way to cross the road is slowly and persistently. The traffic will see you and anticipate your movements... so... keep moving. Running is definitely a no-no, although you may feel that is the only way to do it.

4. Tap water is best avoided. You can buy cheap water from all over Vietnam. Be sure that the seal has not been tampered with and avoid ice. Most hostels and hotels have kettles.

5. Dont be ashamed to use the breakfast buffet to shamelessly fill up the kiddies lunchbox with supplies for the day. The staff will turn a blind eye while they play with the cute baby. See point 1.

6. Shopping malls exist in both of the the major cities, Hanoi and Hi Chi Minh City. And in these malls you will usually find an indoor playground/amusement park or water puppet theatre. Just look for the flashing lights and screaming kids. It gives the baby a good chance to stretch his or her legs, meet the locals and make some noise.

7.  Cots were often available in all the major hotels. Call ahead and ensure its available for your booking. Noone likes a grumpy and tired baby. You may need to bring your own sleeping sack or sheet set. The local markets sell sleep sheets for a few dollars.

8. And finally, don't dismiss the option of jumping on board the overnight trains. They are cheap, clean and safe. And for a few extra dollars, you can usually swindle a whole cabin to yourself. The trains rocking motion will have your little explorer asleep in no time. Plus, you dont have to deal with another busy airport with long delays.

Do you have any tips to share on travelling with a baby to a foreign country?

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