Who am I?

My name is Jo. I am currently living the last year of my 20s and truley looking forward to embracing my 30s. I love cake and could probably eat it everyday. I am a prenatal genetic counsellor, which means I pretty much get to talk to expecting parents all day, which suits me fine. I love my job. We live in Melbourne and we heart this beautiful city. But, I wish we had a little more space.

I have a gorgeous, patient and kind husband and together we have two beautiful boys: Jude (6 months) & Noah who is almost 4. Our boys are our world, but like in a totally healthy "boys are our world" way. We have a naughty beagle named Barkley.

I Love
...poppies, cake, coffee, op shops, yoga, fair trade products, good friends and small cacti plants. And I love this blog. Its my creative outlet. My voice. 

If you looked through my kitchen window you would spy a pile of dirty dishes and me playing superheroes. You might catch me dancing around in my underpants. Poor you!

Life is pretty great.