Friday, August 2, 2013

Love thy neighbour (and your underpants)

Today, I want to share with you the kindness of my neighbour. She is 65. Italian. Knows how to cook rock-your-socks off pasta. She loves feeding kids Nutella and she knows the exact moment we depart and arrive home on a daily basis, which is fine by me. 

Today, upon arriving home (as in having only just planted one foot on the asphalt) she dashed across the street to hand me a small conspicuous-looking shopping bag. This in itself is not entirely unusual. But today was different. Not wanting Noah to hear, she whispered, "a few underpants I thought you might like". Thoughtful. And perhaps a little weird. I actually couldn't honestly tell you the last time someone bought me knickers. She seemed a bit coy on the topic so I thanked her and politely popped them into my bag. 

Unsure of what to expect, I later opened the bag and this is what I found... 

Six pairs of neatly-folded Nanna knickers. Hang your britches on the line Nanna knickers. I am not a knicker snob so don't get me wrong when I say this but I have never really ventured outside the comfort of my bonds hipsters since gosh, maybe grade 6. So, these were well, a little shocking, to say the least. 

Never one to turn down a new experience I whipped off my bonds and slipped into my Nanna knickers for the very first time. At the very least I thought it might give me a good laugh and, or, perhaps an insight into life over 60. 

Well, laugh not friends because these lady-wonders were comfortable, like, really really comfortable. Where they lacked in style they oozed in comfort. And these days that's winning. I paraded around the house daring the boys to comment. I got a small wolf whistle and a "hot babe", which I simply shrugged off. I was comfortable. Thank you very muchly.

Later that night I sat in my Nanna knickers reading Aliens Love Underpants (a favourite in our house) to Noah. He had the giggles. 

I asked him what was so funny to which he pointed to the Nanna knickers and said:

"Look the aliens have got your knickers."

I gasped, why indeed they did. I replied:

"What lucky aliens they are and my, how comfortable they must be...? What smart little aliens!" 

And so next time you visit my house... be warned. You will most likely spot a pair of my Nanna knickers flapping in the breeze. 

Do you have a secret stash of Nanna knickers? What's your favourite style? And what's the weirdest thing your neighbour has given you?