Sunday, September 22, 2013

Could we, should we move to the countryside?

I love the country. I love getting back to nature, breathing in the country fresh air, enjoying the quiet and watching our boy be a boy, a real boy. 

So, when our dearest friends invited us to their parents farm, we didn't need much convincing. We were there! Their farm grows Canola. Canola? It's all the yellow, I was told. Eep, city chick! And right now, Canola puts on a very pretty show. 

I was in love. 

And it didn't take long for me to start pondering; should we, could we move to the country?

There are so many things that attract me to moving to the country. The people, the wide open space and green grass, the idea of growing an organic veggie patch, the community spirit, the small schools, the farmers markets, the chance for the boys to run in the paddocks and the way your heart rate slows.

But is this what living in the country is?

Hay Day would have you believe it is. 

Swipe. Feed the chickens.
Flick. Harvest the crops.
Slide. Paint the house.
Swipe. Sell your goods at the market.
Tap. Empty the silo. 

A fully thriving farm. But, as fun as Hey Day is, of course, it is not reality. But I am left wondering what is it like to live in the countryside? What is this rural lifestyle? My country snapshots leave me longing for more but could we really do it? 

I spent the entire car trip back to the city quizzing myself: Could I commute to the city for work? What school could the kids go to? What is the nearest hospital? The closest shops? And would the locals like us and would we like them? 

Holy shit, my head is a busy place. 

was told, "there's nothing glamorous about living in the country." And I believe this to be true. But city living isn't always glamorous either. So, I ask you all. All you country folk, both present and past, who have lived, are living or are planning to live in the country, what is this country life? 

Tell me. 

Tell me all about fixing the fences, milking the cows, the horrid red dust and long drives. And then tell me about all the things you love too because for now, I'll be living this country dream through you. 

Unless, of course there is a sudden and urgent call for a genetic counsellor, a teacher and there 2 beautiful boys to come to the country.

*waiting, waiting, waiting.

Love Jo xxx