Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Karate Ninja

It's Karate Week in our house. 

Lots of upper blocks, machine gun kicks and other general ninja moves being practiced in our house. It's grading week.

Therefore, its yellow belt time. 

And so for my first ever Wordless Wednesday, I have dedicated this blog to a whole lot of pics of our little ninjas karate journey this far. 

It began here: He looks so little.

And I was shocked here. Yup, that's head gear.

I liked this. A little more my style. 

And this was the one lesson I missed. Of course, he was awarded a trophy for performance on that day.

And this was a special black belt presentation to Noah by his absolute hero, Sensei. He is an amazing man! 

And here he is being his sensei.

My how much you have grown in such a short amount of time mister Noah. 

You amaze us everyday, so proud of you my little Ninja.

Love Mum xxx

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