Thursday, October 24, 2013

4 year old parties gone wild.

I am so sorry, I have totally gone MIA the last week. But, rest assured I am still here. I am just in the midst of throwing the biggest partay of my life for my sweet, beloved boy. 

Yes, Noah's turning 4! 

And my god, as if being a parent wasn't stressful enough, nowadays you also have to throw the party of the year. 

Magicians, animal farms, face painting, cupcake decorating, cakes that put my wedding cake to shame and food to tantalise every child, adult and sibling! 

Is it not enough that I had to push this now 4 year old out of my you know what? And that I have yards and yards of stretch marks from this event? Can we not just celebrate that he is relatively scar-free and well, alive? 


We must throw him a party. A party he won't forget {but probably will}. Hey 18 year old Noah, remember your 4th birthday party? You know the Knights and Princess party. One for the boys and one for the girls, you informed us. 

Nope? Thought so. 

Oh well, the party planning must go on. Of course, there will be a princess at your party and maybe a knight. My beautiful cousin will be coming as a more wondeful version of her self. A princess. When she asked what I would like her to do as guest Princess, I replied in text, " I don't know.... Just make the kids pee their pants with excitements and make us look like amazeball parents."

Yes. It has come to this. But really, if Jeff had never dressed up as a magician at his daughters party earlier in the year then this wouldn't be happening... Thanks Jeff. The bar has been set much too high.

And I don't like it.

But for now, I must get back to the party preparations. Too much to do and well, I kinda suck as baking so its going to be a long weekend. Everyone get out of the kitchen space... NOW.

Love Jo xxx

Oh, but before I go what's your thoughts on feeding parents at kids party's? 

Knight Noah's costume attire

Party bag... With lollies because that's what party bags are for... Lollies.

Prize bucket. 

The dragon PiƱata. So much effort but I kind of love him a lot. 

Cake preps. Wish me luck.