Thursday, October 17, 2013

I heart One Colour {and a giveaway}

Today, I am sharing someone elses story. I haven't run out of my own stories, I promise. But I feel its time I start to share the poppies love and the loves of poppies with you all. 

And there is a giveaway. 


The something I love and love to share is the story of One Colour. One Colour is an Australian company that is creating sustainable employment and economic empowerent for African women through the ethical trade of beautiful, versatile fashion, jewellery and Kenana Knitters.

The Kenana Knitter toys, as pictured above are CUTE and are ethically produced in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, Africa, using local homespun wool and organic cotton yarn from Tanzania. Kenana Knitter employs and pays fair wages for 30 full time women. With on-going employment, access to healthcare and training, the women can make plans for tomorrow rather than just having enough to live for today, transforming not only their lives but the lives of their families, and their communities. 

Hello Christmas, hashtag perfect stocking filler. Who's with me? One for neighbour Johnny, nephew Harry and bosses daughter, Amy. At least, you can rest assured that your partaking in compassionate, thoughtful purchasing not mindless, last minute Christmas gift grabbing. 

Go on. Admit it. We all do it.

Oh, but wait. Just when you thought One Colour couldn't be any nicer... They have gone and gifted us one Kenana Knitter to give away to YOU!!!


For your chance to win all you have to do is like One Colour and Poppies for Me on Facebook and follow both One Colour and Poppies for Me on Instagram and then leave us a comment below telling us which Kenana knitter you would like to snuggle; the elephant or the giraffe. 

Elephant, elephant, elephant. Just in case your wondering Santa Claus. 

In addition, to celebrate the launch of One Colours new clothing range; Detour. One Colour are also throwing in a $20 gift voucher for you to spend on one of their Detour pieces. 

All pieces are simply gorgeous, versatile, timeless and classic in style and come with the promise that they have been produced in an environmentally sound way with a positive social story. 

Can fashion get any better? 

Yup, just take a peek for yourself. Detours black dresses, patterned skirts, jackets and basic separates are perfect for both work-wear and a more smart-casual look at the weekend. These little numbers are my love picks. Work and fun! 

So, hit the likes and the follows, leave a comment below {elephant or giraffe} and be in the running to win one of the Kenana Knitters and a $20 gift voucher to go towards your very own ethically produced Detour piece. 

Entries close Friday 25th October. 

Winner drawn at random, probably by Noah.

Thank you One Colour for being simply fabulous and for creating positive change through fashion.

Love Jo xxx
To suss out how you'll spend your winning voucher or to make your own very own Christmas wish list, check out: