Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kindergarten Woes.

Today, we received Noah's kinder placement letter. No sooner had the postman dropped the letter in the box had I ripped open the envelope and read its contents. I was looking for 4 words and I find them:

"Noah has been accepted."

I do a little happy letter dance and Mr Postman looks back at me. I proudly wave that letter in the air and exclaim:

"We got into kinder."

He smiles and nods. And keeps on posting.

We got into our local kinder. A kinder just like my childhood kinder. A kinder with a climbing a-frame in the yard, a wooden fort for the boys to play pirate ships, a sandpit for castle competitions and colourful paintings in the windows. 

Its a place where childhood memories are made. And in Melbourne, these kinder places are highly sought after. This is because there are more 4 year old children than 4 year old kindergarten places. This makes kinder highly competitive and sadly, some kids miss out. 

Its like uni all over again.

Except to get into these kinders, there are no tests, no special formulas or magic interviews, its just your name, address and list of preferences. 

All in very neat hand writing, of course.

After opening my letter, I text the other kinder-wannabes, "we got in, how did you go?" I wait anxiously for their replys. One replies "waiting list". 

She is not doing the happy letter dance. I wonder, did they not like her hand writing? There really can be no other explanation. It seems unfair. But it is out of control. And it is out of the councils and kindergartens control. 

Too many kids, not enough funding is their response. She is told to wait.

We will wait with her with our fingers tightly crossed. 

Love Jo xxx

Did you go to kinder? What's your favourite kinder memory?
What's your thoughts on kinder education; is it a right or a privilege?