Sunday, August 11, 2013

My happy place!

Today, I woke up, hold on, scratch that. I didn't wake up. For one to wake they need to sleep. Ah, children. Bless their {tiny} cotton socks. 

Start again.

Today, as I peeled my sleeping baby off my chest and reluctantly, yet silently crawled my way out of bed with toddler in hand I had a strong irresistible urge to listen to David Grey. More specifically, track 9. Sail Away.

It was a David Grey day. 

Let me explain. David takes me to my happy place. At this happy place. I am at a beach on an exotic island. I am wearing a sarong {good idea at the time}. My feet are buried deep in the sand. I am swinging in a hammock. I have a kahlua and milk in hand {I was 21!}. My toes are all sorts of fabulously pedicured. And the gorgeous David Grey is playing.

I am in Kho Samui, Thailand.

Happy places are important. My pre-natal yoga teacher taught me that back in 2009. As we downward dogged with an overly large baby tummy, she would chant:

"Your happy place will promote relaxation. It will reduce stress and fear." {A story for another day, perhaps}. 

And so this morning I found my old friend, David. He was hiding at the back of the cupboard. I said hello, introduced him to Noah and I sat myself down with a coffee and I turned him up. Loud. Track 9, repeat. And there I was in Thailand on the beach feeling fabulous all over again.

My happy place.

Ten minutes with David and I was a new lady and I suddenly had a strong urge for an asian pedicure. You know the one. It's not quite Thailand but it is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Where's your happy place? What takes you back to your happy place? And, finally here are some photos of my happy place. Green toes and all. 

Love Jo xx