Thursday, August 8, 2013

Excuse me, but what's your story?


Today, my humble little blog is one week old. Happy birthday Blog.

Lets eat party cake {and fairy bread}.

As I celebrate this milestone {yes! milestone}. I am drawn to tell you why I started this little page of mine. 

It's not a romantic story. Nor is it heroic. In fact it's pretty self indulgent. You see, I like to tell stories. And in return I like to hear other people's stories.

In fact, some might call me a sticky beak or a Nanna nosey. I imagine my Nanna would have had quite a blogger following back in the day had she had the necessary gadgets.

 My Nanna, the blogger. 

And so just like my Nanna, I like hearing what people have to say and how they go about their day. It is true that I am drawn to people's stories. Their ups and downs, their struggles and glorious moments. Their past and future. 

I like imagining what the person sitting opposite me on tram 57 is going home to. Is it a house or a flat? Do they have kids, or are they single? Are they happy or are they sad? And who is it that they are chatting with on their phone? Yes.
My head is a busy place. 

Funnily enough, Noah has developed this same sense of people enquiry, except he does a little more questioning and less pondering;

"Do you have a baby in your tummy?"

"Where's your hair?"

"Why don't you have a house?"

"Why don't you talk?" 

"Why doesn't she smile?"

"What language do you speak?"

"Why is he short?"

Some questions are answered. Others are not and thats okay. Not everyone likes to share their story {especially with a nosey 3 year old}. And that's where I fill in these gaps and I tell him what I think is their story. 

A story of struggle, bravery, sadness and happiness. He has heard it all. And in the process he is developing his own little story. 

And so as I celebrate my week of my little blog, I ask you what is your story?