Sunday, August 4, 2013

Superdad to the (dinner) rescue.

It's that time of day when everyone is getting a little bit cranky and hungry. Pepper Pig is blaring in the background {I hate that pig}, the toddler is demanding pre-dinner appetisers, the baby wants you and your hands and you need to think of something for dinner... Fast.

A quick survey of the supplies confirms what you already knew. There's nothing in there. The baby continues to grizzle. He is hungry too.

You throw two sad looking chicken fillets in the microwave and hit the defrost button. Meanwhile, the toddler is well on the way to demolishing an entire punnet of strawberries. Good on him. At 2 bucks a strawberry, he better be loving them.

Tummy is rumbling. You look in the cupboard and think what would Nigella do? Nope, you've got nothing. Check the freezer. Frozen veggies. Chicken as the hero, veggies on the side! Maybe.

Que. Husband enters house. Refreshed and conversational. He enquires about dinner. You point to the chicken. 

He gleefully claps his hands together and replies "I've got this one covered." Super dad. Not one to argue, you hang up your cape and retire your very own super body to the couch and watch a bit of Tracey Grimshaw. Good God. There's a man on tv vaccumming his astro turf. You don't have time to vacuum the carpet let alone the turf. 

Dinner is served and sweet baby Jesus, you are greeted by all sorts of chicken breast. Oh, and some rather depressed looking greens on the side. You pick up the limp broccoli and assess. 

"What happened here?" you ask.

Husband tells you he had some sort of kitchen malfunction with the veggies. 

"Babe, they're veggies, what possibly could have gone wrong?" you reply.

After some lengthy discussion, it comes to light that the husband has gone the freezer veggie option. Fine. The birds eye steam fresh frozen vegetables, which perfectly steam in the bag {in the microwave}. Great. However, instead of steaming them in the microwave as the packaging and instructions very clearly suggests he has steamed the bag in a pot over the stove top. Oh dear.

And these greens are limp with a crunch that is no good. Poor lifeless lads.

Lesson learnt. Microwaveable veggies are for the microwave only. And sometimes, just sometimes super dads fail too. 


What food disasters have you had at your house? Who saves the day in your house? 

No husbands, er hrm, sorry superdads were harmed during this post.