Monday, August 5, 2013

It's the simple things.

It's the simple pleasures in life that are what make life worth living and for me there are so many wonderfully simple things that make my heart sing.

Fresh bed sheets, a beautiful vase of freshly cut flowers, a morning stretch, a hot cup of tea, a pretty plate of *ahem* fairy bread. 

Fairy bread. There I said it out loud.

But, before you judge me... {as I have heard it all before}. Just take a peek at this plate of sprinkled bread yumminess.

I bet your smiling right now. 

It's pretty, right?

It's something that you take for granted and never give a second thought until someone presents a plate of it to you, and then instantly you are transformed back to your own sugar filled childhood memories. 

My inner child would eat fairy bread every single day. However, I try to limit myself to the kids birthday parties {bless aging four year olds} and it's fair to say I don't hold back when I spy a plate of the stuff.

In fact, I have been known to over indulge and be left with a pretty serious sugar hangover. Light headedness, blurred vision, belly ache kind of stuff. So you think I would have learnt to stay away from the stuff. To leave it for the kids only.


In fact, at our last kids party its fair to say that I lost myself when I spotted it on the party table. Breastfeeding is the root of all evil food indulgences. In a flash, I had handed the baby to the husband, grabbed myself a fairy princess plate and was making my very own fairy bread eiffel tower.

Little did I know I was being watched by the birthday hostess. She made her way towards me, smiled and said:

"The kids just love the stuff, don't they?"


"Ah, yup, they sure do." I replied. And then I hightailed out of there making a swift exit whilst calling:

"Noooo-aaahhhh, Noooo-ahhhh. I got you your treats."

He was outside wrestling the other kids so I found myself a quiet little corner {away from parental eyes} and scoffed down my pretty little tower.

And I was enjoying the simple things. I figured I'd deal with sugar high later.

Love Jo x

What's your party food favourite? What food takes you back to your childhood? What's your simple pleasure?