Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday is the best day for... sex.

Everyone has their favourite day of the week. And for me, my favorite day is Thursday. Thursday is my happiest day! It coincidently happens to be my only toddler-free day.

But my love for Thursday goes way back. Before child. Not many people agree with my preferred day of choice. Most choose Friday for its obvious reasons. 

But that's okay. I heart Thursday. 

And today is Thursday so it did get me thinking. 

Who else likes Thursday? Surely, I am not alone here. So, in celebration of today {its Thursday!} I fired up my friend google to find some like-minded Thursday lovers.

I typed in "Thursday, love" 

And wham!

I discover an interesting fact about good ol' Thursday.

Thursday is the best day to have sex!


According to London School of Economics and Population {source entirely unclear}, the fourth day of the week is when a couples natural cortisol {sexy hormones} are at their highest. And therefore Thursday is when a couple is most in sync for a romantic romp between the sheets. 

How bloody interesting. Thursday just became a little more amazing. And without further ado here was my happy Thursday... Minus the romantic romp.

First stop: Frankie, coffee & sweat treats.

Second stop: Sydney Road stroll w baby

Third stop: photo snaps of street art. She and I are sporting the same fur trimmed jacket on this Thursday.

Fourth stop: Vintage shop heaven. Stop. Me. Now. Love.

Fifth stop. Quirky find. This made me laugh. A Tony Abbott pin cushion. Yup, still laughing. 

Sixth stop: Vintage craft inspiration. Must do something with my vintage plate collection. Weekend task, perhaps.

And that's another happy Thursday. 

Love Jo xxx

What's your favourite day of the week? Do you like a Thursday or are you a Friday baby?