Sunday, August 25, 2013

What's in a kiss?

Today, our little bundle of joy is 5 months old. 5 months. Thats 1200 nappies, 900 breastfeeds, 300 outfit changes, 600 vomits and 15,000 kisses. 

Yup. 15,000 kisses.

Don't believe it? Dont worry, I didn't either. But here is the breakdown, kiss by kiss. There are kisses from big brother Noah with the very first kiss captured here:

And there are kisses from Dad and nanna, as well as odd stranger kisses and of course, mama kisses. Ill admit that I am by far the worst offender. See here...

And so with all these people planting kisses thats about 100 kisses a day by 150 days, which is 15,000 kisses.

That's insane.

But that's what these tiny little people do. You see their perfect toes and you kiss each and every one of them. You see their round tummy. And, you kiss it five times, maybe six. You spot a cheek. You kiss both sides twice over.

And then there's their tiny squishy lips. Kiss, kiss, kiss. 

 I remember when I was pregnant with Jude worrying that I couldn't possibly have enough kisses for two babies. It was a horrible parent thought that scared me. I would ask other mums, "how do you do it?" "How do you spread the love?" "And make it last with all those kisses?"

But, it was all unnecessary worry as quite often worry is because once our little Jude appeared on March 25th. My lips exploded and he was covered in a smattering of kisses. And that's why today little baby Jude, aged 5 months has a grand tally of give or take, 15,000 kisses. 

Love Jo xxx {you get kisses too}.

Happy 5 months beautiful Jude 🎈

I wonder how many kisses Noah has had? How many kisses do you give a day? Is it possible to kiss your baby too much?