Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meet our Beagle, Barkly.

We have a beagle named Barkly. 

We adopted him in between child 1 and child 2 when he was 4 months old from a couple who adored him but "couldn't quite keep up with him." Points for honesty. Why on earth I thought we could keep up with him still confuses me to this very day.

The discussion of getting a dog took place over many days and nights. It went on for months and months. Husband was for. I was against. And toddler was dog crazy. So, I gave in and we got a dog. On the proviso that we adopted a dog. A dog who needed us! 

It was close to a year ago when this all happened. His photo appeared on gumtree with the caption "looking for a loving family". I had found our dog. We opened our hearts and closed our ears to those with doggy wisdom:

"Beagles are terrors... Too smart for their own good... Stubborn... Diggers... Howlers... Chewers... Pack animals." 

"Don't get a beagle." 

"Do. Not. Get. A. Beagle."

"Ah, whatever." I said as I shrugged my shoulders. It's a dog. A dog has nothing on raising a newborn. I can do that. I can raise a dog. How naive I was.

So, I saw the add and literally less than 2 hours later, we had our beagle in the car. Licking my face. Ripping at the door. Slobbering on the window. Howling in the wind. Chewing at the seatbelt. Grabbing Noah's hands. Jumping on my legs. Destroying his first pair of tights. 

Ah. Love.

There are many stories that I can share with you about our beagle, Barkly. Like the time I felt the squish of his freshly laid midnight hallway poo squelch between my toes.


Or the time he ate the tv antenna cable. That was fun. No tv for a week. Smile.

Or the time he wrapped himself around a pole and then played dead. Or maybe the time I thought he was actually dead. Or the time I wanted him dead {anonymous noise complaint, anyone?}

And then there is his chewing. Not that I am keeping count or anything but he has destroyed with his chewing so many things that I actually wished I'd kept a visual diary of his chewed accomplishments, including;

-his own five star kennel with sliding Perspex window.
-two doggy heshian {and probably organic} dog floor cushions 
-5 gardening pots
-a broom and 2 buckets
-the trash, all sorts of trash
-my mums water fountain
-all things bike; a bike carrier, a bike seat, a bike bell, a bike pump and a pair of bike shoes. He likes bikes.
-someone elses workboots
-an endless supply of my knickers {both dirty and clean}
-his own ID collar {how? i do not know}
-and a maternity top. Being pregnant that chew made me cry. 

Oh, and I nearly forgot, the trampoline pads on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas Noah. 

Oh shit. This list is crazy. 

He has chewed alot. And so that's our dog, Barkly. He likes taking you for a walk, munching on soggy soiled nappies, digging in the garden, splashing at the beach, sniffing other dogs bums, howling by night, sleeping by day, playing dead and chewing everything but his very own posh dog toys. 

Just as everyone promised. 

Who on earth would want a beagle?

Us, that's who! Because besides all his flaws, he is pretty perfect in our eyes. A loyal canine mate who keeps us on our toes and grinning from ear to ear. 

Love Jo xxx

Do you have a dog? What has your dog chewed? Any tips for us to stop the chew?