Monday, September 30, 2013

A Pretty, Bloggy Makeover.

Yikes. Poppies for Me has had a pretty makeover. And like an ol' fashion working bee, a team of amazing pretties have worked their little bumblebums off to create a whole lot of pretty.

And just like when you get a new hair over, I cant stop friggn' touching it. Ooo. Whats this button do? How do I turn that? Where does this take me?

Touch, touch, touch.

And can I just say... You were all very patient and kind to ignore the previous mess and chaos of Poppies for Me. 

So, hugely and honestly thank you! 

So... now that Poppies is looking a little fresher, brighter and happier, let me invite you in for a click and peek. 

Ill put the kettle on while you click away.

Oops, the kettles boiled. How did you go? Its pretty, right? Do you love it, like me...?

...On that note, a HUGE thank you must go to the brilliant and amazingly talented, graphic design genious Zoe from Love & Adore Stationary. She is responsible for that pretty new banner logo. That one up there... See it? 

I'd highly recommend Zoe for your every design need. If you have a party, or event coming up, Zoe is your custom design invitation gal. You can find her contact details here:

Here's a snapshot of her other pretties:

And also, the hugest of thanks goes to my bestest, bestest friend Elissah (soon to be) Hill. She pretty much rocks my world and is without doubt responsible for all this pretty blog magic. She is the best. I wish you could all meet her because I just know you would all love her just as much as I do. Maybe a photo would help, here she is:

And so again, a HUGE thank you to all for ignoring the previous mess. And thank you again to Zoe and Elissah. And my family. And my mum. And God and Buddah and the poppies and for the coffee. Thank you. 

Have I forgotten anyone?!? 

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. 

Love Jo xxx