Thursday, September 5, 2013

My big boy.

It's undeniable that little boys grow into big boys. And in this past week I have seen it happening right before my eyes. This makes me both happy and sad. I want to shout "stop growing" but then there is so much excitement ahead. I cant wait to see what all this growth lead to.

Who and what will our little boy become? 

Like many parents, I hope for so many things. I want him to know love, to travel the world, and to be happy and successful. To care for others and to listen to those who need to be heard. And to know how to make people smile. But for now he is 3, nearly 4! {I cant believe he is nearly 4!} and he is becoming my big boy.

I have witnessed many signs of big boy transition over the past week. They have made me both smile and frown. My top 5 big boy observations are:

1. He is developing a big boy wit. When I told him "to get over it" {"it" being a strong desire for a third yoghurt for the day}, he replied, without a moment of pause, "no, mum, I won't. I am in it." In it. I have never laughed so hard. Wit. 

2. He has hands. No longer are they chubby baby hands with tiny dimples and soft fingernails. Nope. They are hands, real hands, strong hands with dirty finger nails. Nail clippers required hands.

3. He likes toy guns and despite my every insistence that he does not speak, touch or pretend to play with a gun, it is now out of my control. Everything can become a gun with a big boys imagination: sticks, controllers and sandwiches. Yup. Sandwiches. A couple of bites here and a twist there and it's a fully loaded peanut butter pistol. I give up. But, still I insist no purchased guns.

4. He cares for others. He took it upon himself to encourage a fellow karate classmate to join in on the summersault lessons. As he kneeled down and grabbed his hand, he told the boy "just try it once, I bet you'll like it and your mum will be real proud. She'll be real impressed." Big. Boy. Caring.

5. And, he is developing a 'tude. An attitude where "thats boring" is often mumbled. This is not so amazing. It has got to be one of the worst things you can say to your mum as a child because as a mum, a moment of boredom would be heaven. Sorry Mum for all the times I may have whined about being bored in the past. So. Not. Cool. Attitude.

And that's how I know my little boy is becoming a big boy. A boy of almost 4, who wants a superhero/knight/princess/ninja/gun party. What on earth do I do with the cake for that one?

How's your week going? Is your baby growing right before your eyes?