Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Tulip Tuesday

On this wordless Wednesday it is my absolute privilege to share with you our {muddy} toddler and baby adventure to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. I think you will agree that the brilliant colour of the tulips speak louder than any words. 

Family road trip to Tesselaar Tulip Farm.

First stop: nappy change. Even the baby change and mothers room has tulips. 

Rows and rows of beautiful tulips. What's your favourite colour? I liked the pink. 

Yellow tulips make me happy, says Noah.

Muddy puddles and tulips. Lets jump.

Baby eats tulip.

Wild wind tulip mess. 

Very muddy boots. Don't forget your boots, if you plan on heading out to the festival. 

No filter. Just Noah and some tulips.

Paul Jamieson, the Music Man had the kids up and dancing. 

Fairy Monica story sharing in the garden. Look at that boy in the blue. Adorably excited. He is being the huffy puffy woof.

Cute, beyond words. Come home with us little gnome, please.

5 year old Saltwater Croc who would bite your fingers off if not for that tape around his snout, eep. Stand back Noah. Pretty cool Black Rock snake reptile zoo.

Sand Wizard magic. Love the colours. 

Noah took this shot. Pretty good shot little man.

He had fun {don't mind the runny nose}.

And this little gnome came home with us. Best gift shop picking by Noah xx

The Tesselaar tulip Festival runs until the 6th October 2013. The children's events finish this Thursday, 3rd October. 

Thank you to Little Melbourne for our tulip passes. As you can see, we had a fabulous day and we will be back again next year. 

Love Jo xxx

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