Monday, October 7, 2013

I don't do compliments. How about you?

I had a few wonderful stories to share with you today but then something happened. This thing that happened has been a bit of an issue with me for a very long time and I am hoping by sharing it I might commit myself to overcome it.

So here it is:


I don't do compliments.

Crazy, right? But, compliments, all compliments they make me squirm in my pants. 

Someone compliments me on my outfit. "Well, this old thing I just got it at the op shop." Someone says I write well. And I say its just words. Someone compliements my hair? "Well, I just brushed it for a change." No drugs in childbirth. It was nothing, he was small. Anyone could have done it.

And see this photo:

... My friend commented on IG "you look pretty" and I replied "I look tired..."

Always making an excuse.

So when Frankie, my lovely neighbour today said, "Jo your looking great. Nice and fit and fabulous. Good on you." I actually feel vain writing this. I went into compliment slasher mode and did what I always do. I blushed, looked away and began mindless rambling about housework and being knee deep in soap suds for the last 4 hours {true!}.

I didn't say thank you. And I didn't enjoy the compliment. And quite frankly this annoys me. Because when I compliment a friend, family member, collegaue or acquaintance, I genuinely mean what I am saying. I don't want her to brush it off and make excuses. So, I feel the time has come for this to stop. 

Yes, stop. 

So, now when I receive a compliment I am going to try my hardest to say thank you. I think it will take some serious practice. And perhaps, some biting of ones tongue. But I will get there. I don't expect you all to stand up and applaud. But, I hope I can make this happen.

I am positive I am not alone on this. Am I ladies?

There are way too many of us compliment slashers out there and it is not okay. It's time we celebrate our awesomeness {hear my female roar, roooooaaarrr} and stop this putting down of ones self. So who's with me? Do you take a compliment well? Or are you a compliment slasher, like me? 

I dare you to come on this journey with me as together we learn to embrace & love compliments. 

Love Jo xxx

Ps. Your looking great, by the way. Why, thank you. Practice, practice.